Tranquility inspired self-care products + apparel that inspire moments of comfort + peace

About Us

Founded by sisters Robin + Stacy Lloyd in 2015 on the premise of love. It was on our journey to help each other find self-love that we discovered hidden creative talents. In the beginning, it was a way to spend time together and share our DIY projects with others and as a result Irene + Sage was established.

We are two years and three days a part, September babies + Ohio girls. We often get that we look like twins, we don't see it BUT we feel like it. Honestly, this sister bond is the gift that keeps giving. It is the love that returns back 1000-fold. We don't always agree but the love and balance we bring to each other's lives is truly a gift from GOD. We are forever grateful.

We pray that you feel the love we give as we share our talents, DIY tips, lessons we've learned and are learning. Thanks for your support. Do tell a friend to tell a friend. Remember to live in peace + share the wisdom you have.

Blessings, Robie + Stac